Jean-Pierre Delesse

Expert in security solutions for the Internet of Things applications


Jean-Pierre Delesse is a serial entrepreneur, he has acquired critical expertize
gained over a career focusing on value creation in the digital security industry.

Jean-Pierre has worked 15 years at Hitachi Europe and Renesas, where he created and developed the Smart Security Group.

In 2009, he founded Rhealtys, a consulting services company focusing on security technologies. In 2010, Jean-Pierre became the President of LFoundry Rousset, a silicon foundry group, and managed the restructuring of the company

In 2014, Jean-Pierre Delesse cofounded Trusted Objects, with the objective to develop cybersecurity solutions for the Internet of Things applications.

Jean-Pierre Delesse is member of Eurosmart Board, the association that is representing the digital security industry

Jean-Pierre Delesse is graduate of Ecole des Mines.