Christian de Prost

Expert in Nano-electronics technology / European R&D projects

Christian de Prost has more than 40 years of experience in the nano-electronics industry.

Christian is currently expert and evaluator of H2020 and ECSEL projects for the European Commission, expert for EUREKA programs (Eurostars), for the French Ministry of the Industry, for the French public investment bank (BPI), etc.

Christian has been the Director of the R&D programmes of ATMEL in Europe Until January 2014. His mission was to identify and to formalize R&D strategies with the operational divisions of the different sites of ATMEL, an American semiconductor company, to initiate and to develop cooperative R&D programmes, and to find partnership and funding. He was in this regard member of the CATRENE steering group technology and AENEAS assembly. Christian has also been in charge of R&D projects at Temic.

Prior to these positions, Christian has occupied different positions as photolithography engineer at Harris Corporation (Melbourne, USA), and Motorola semiconductors (Phoenix & Austin in the USA and Toulouse in France). Christian has also been CMOS process development manager at Matra-MHS, Nantes (France).

Christian de Prost holds an engineering degree from ENSCT (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Toulouse) and an MBA from IAE (Institut d’Administration des Entreprises) from Toulouse University. He is the author of several publications on optical lithography and plasma etching. Christian speaks French, English, and German.

Areas of technical expertise:

  • Nanoelectronics: lithography, advanced CMOS process, semiconductor manufacturing, circuit design, microcontroller, RF, power devices
  • Electronic systems: Subsystems modules, nanosystems, microsystems, smart systems, MEMS, Sensors
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Packaging, 3D assembly
  • Reliability of semiconductor and micro-systems components
  • Applications of microelectronics and microsystems in telecommunications, automotive, space and avionics, energy and consumer products.

Areas of expertise on European/French R&D projects:

  • European collaboration programs/projects in R&: ECSEL JU / H2020 / PENTA -/ Eureka / DG CONNECT…
  • French programmes « pôles de compétivité »