François-Frédéric Ozog

Expert in Softwares


François-Frédéric Ozog is an entrepreneur and software expert who shares his professional experience honed over more than 40 years.

Since 2021, he has been designing and producing a hypervisor dedicated to the real-time simulation of processors under design to meet the specific needs of the automotive and avionics markets. At the same time, he leads an “edge computing” training as part of the executive training of Telecom Paris.

Before that, for 6 years, he made available his talents as a technology diplomat at Linaro, a non-profit organization that brings together the major players in the Arm processor ecosystem. The most visible successes of the negotiations he conducted are the introduction of the Time Sensitive Networking infrastructure into the Linux kernel and the creation of “Trusted Substrate”, a standardized firmware including OTA for the Arm environment.

Between 2008 and 2014 he was a pioneer in the use of servers as telecom equipment, bringing to market products that have been measured by independent laboratories as the fastest and most powerful on the market (Deep Packet Inspection and DNS server).

In addition to having created and sold several companies, he held Business Development positions at 6WIND, Radware and Access360, as well as CTO at Versada Networks and NetSecureOne and Vedicis.

François-Frédéric holds 7 patents and is a graduate of the University of Paris VII.