Laurent Siegfried

Expert Smart Factory / Usine 4.0


Laurent Siegfried is expert in Industry 4.0 thanks to the skills he has acquired over more than 30 years in organizing, managing and advising B2B industrialization projects, notably at Télémécanique and then at Schneider Electric (Marketing Manager, team of 25 people).

From 2012 to 2019, Laurent Siegfried was in charge of Industry 4.0 at the GIMELEC (the French Union of electrical & automation solutions’ providers for the power, building, industrial, data centers and infrastructure markets), where he led a collective of 90 members in order to create the French “Alliance Industry of the Future”. During this period, this collective wrote several reference books on Industry 4.0:

In 2012, he created the company “B2B Success” in order to support the industrial strategy of digital companies in France and Europe.