Olivier Coulon

Director of studies – Associate


Olivier Coulon started his professional life in 2007 as assistant to the Chief Economist at STMicroelectronics. He joined DECISION in 2008 as a consultant specialized in electronics, aerospace, defense and security.

Olivier Coulon is in charge of the database and forecasts on the electronic equipment sector, and as such is project leader for the annually updated World Electronic Industries report.

More particularly he directs all DECISION’s work in the fields of aerospace, defence and security, as well as data processing and smartphones.

Olivier Coulon is DECISION’s privileged contact with the European Commission, with DG-ENTR for the contracts covering security, and with DG-CONNECT for the contracts covering electronics and components.

Olivier Coulon has a Master in Economic Science from the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.