Pascal Poitevin

Expert in Digital revolution in Healthcare and Agriculture


Pascal Poitevin is the DECISION expert for e-health and e-agriculture. He has over 30 years experience in the development of the applications of information and communication technologies in these two sectors.

Pascal Poitevin worked for 15 years for Apple as health business engineer in Apple France’s key accounts department, after which he moved on to be health sector Business Development Manager in the Small and Medium Business Division Europe.

Pascal Poitevin consolidated his in-depth knowledge of digital confidence when he was put in charge of developing usage of the Professional Health Card, an electronic certification system for health professionals in France. In this position he contributed to implement confidence functions in applications for health professionals and healthcare institutions.

He took part in a European project to carry out a census of healthcare professionals’ organisations and authorities in the EU Member States.

In the field of agriculture, Pascal Poitevin was head of the Information Systems department at the Institut de l’élevage (a cooperative research institution for livestock breeding). He conducted the evolution strategy of the animal genetics information system, and participated in piloting the national information systems in the field of livestock breeding.

Pascal Poitevin initiated a survey on the status of access to internet in rural areas. And he implemented the Réseau Numérique et Agriculture (a network to enhance agriculture performance and R&D) with ACTA, the centre of the agricultural technical institutes network.

Pascal Poitevin holds an engineer diploma from the ESA in Angers.