Over the years DECISION has acquired an independent expertise of specialised consultants networking with the best economic and technological analysts in the domain of electronics.
Our experts possess a precious and unique everyday field experience of the vision, objectives and constraints of the major players in these industries and services.
DECISION offers a flexible, reactive and pertinent answer to your questions, with “custom tailored” surveys carried out by a « custom team » of experts and consultants adjusted to your specific needs.
DECISION will provide your custom tailored market research by :
  • Assembling a team of the best consultants and experts, finely tuned to answer your specific question or subject.
  • Defining with our experts the best methodology to answer all your specific questions.
  • Monitoring the survey process to ensure quality and timely delivery of results.

Electronic components, systems and applications


DECISION is an acknowledged European reference for market research in the electronics field. We produce a regular database of market and production figures with forecasts for Europe and the other world regions, together with analyses of the major trends and play
  • For all segments of the electronic industry : ICT (computers, tablets, smartphones, communication devices and infrastructure), automotive electronics (electric cars, etc.), airborne and defence electronics, security systems, industrial electronics (factory & utilities automation, industrial process control systems, industrial robots, etc.), medical electronics (medical instrumentation, imaging systems, etc.), transportation electronics, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.
  • For all technologies : power electronics, mechatronics, microelectronics, nanotechnologies, RFID, M2M, robotics, LED lighting, photovoltaïc, electric vehicles, etc.
  • For all levels of the food chain: from materials, components (semiconductors, passive components, sensors), to electronic hardware applications (smart systems, embedded systems, stand-alone systems) and software and services.
In 2018, DECISION achieved the Study on the Electronics Ecosystem: Overview, Developments and Europe’s Position in the World for the European Commission DG CONNECT.

Renewable energy – Smart Industries


DECISION offers a number of services, among which :
  • Market analyses in Smart Industries: Smart Factory, Smart City, Smart home, Smart Energy, Smart Health…
  • Market analyses for new technologies in renewable energy (smart metering, solar panels, batteries, etc.)
  • Market & production forecasts and analyses
  • Evaluation of research programmes, etc.
  • Organisation of events with the main players

Aerospace – Defence – Security


DECISION has worked on the aerospace and defence sectors, in particular for the European Commission on competitiveness studies and for the French Ministry of Defence, for whom we carry out analyses of the industrial and technological defence assets,  defence company profiles and lists, among other work.
DECISION also works in this sector for companies, in particular for aerospace equipment manufacturers.
Since 2017, DECISION is in charge of the annual Observatory of the French industrial security sector (Physical products, Electronic products, Cybersecurity and Private Services) for the French Ministries of the Economy, the French Ministry of the Interior, the SGDSN and industrials. DECISION also initiated in 2009 a programme of surveys on the security industry for the European Commission. DECISION was partner in the last framework contract on the security industry (including cybersecurity) for DG ENTR.