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Fields where we can help you:

  • Economic forecasts for European Countries and for the World
  • Sector analysis, competitiveness analysis
  • Market research, marketing surveys
  • Prospect identification, partner prospection
  • Analysis of competition and benchmarking
  • Merger, acquisition and divestiture assistance (due diligence, M&A, etc.)
  • Investment decision guidance (make or buy, etc.)
  • Technical, economic, commercial consultancy, expertise and auditing


Here are selected examples of DECISION custom over recent years:


For private businesses:
  • Observatory of the Digital Trust and Cybersecurity in France – 2019 edition (Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique, 2019)
  • Observatory of the Digital Trust and Cybersecurity in France – 2017 edition (Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique – 2017)
  • Study – Assessment of the impacts of the CATRENE programme that aimed to support technological leadership for a competitive European ICT industry (CATRENE/EUREKA – 2017)
  • Study of the electronic sector in the Greater West of France for the World Electronic Forum (We Network cluster – 2017). Positioning of the Great West electronic ecosystem within the French and European ecosystems.
  • Cartography of French players in Satcom ground products (CNES 2016)
  • Strategic consulting assignment on the acquisition of an electronic circuit manufacturer, for an investment fund (2016)
  • Market research for an innovative communications object (Promistel 2016)
  • Survey on high density electronic modules integrating standard components on PCBs (MEREDIT 2016)
  • Electronic engineers and technicians in France: employment prospects and adjustment to company needs (SIMTEC 2015)
  • Requirement specification on the “Make or Buy” issue for electronic boards (for an aerospace electronic subcontractor 2015)
  • Evaluation of jobs generated by Huawei’s investment plan in France (2014)
  • Vision, Mission and Strategy (White Book for Euripides 2013)
  • Positioning and diversification of a production site for a large French electronic subcontractor EMS) (2013)
For public authorities:


14 September 2016

Industrial Electronics 2014 – 2019

A complete study for: having figures and detailed forecasts for all industrial electronics segments knowing better the stakes of a market experiencing a strong growth identifying the…
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14 September 2016

World passive and interconnection component markets

Since 1992, DECISION has been working on passive and interconnection markets. Experience and expertise allowed DECISION to develop the World passive and interconnection component markets database,…
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14 September 2016

World Electronic Industries 2012 – 2017

A complete study for: having figures and detailed forecasts, knowing better the stakes of a market largely open to competition identifying the new products for…
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