DECISION is part of the METIS consortium (MicroElectronics Training, Industry and Skills)
Launched in late 2019, the METIS project aims at addressing the shortcomings in microelectronics education, skills and employability, paving the way for EU leadership in data driven technologies through permanent anticipation of skills and competences, developing and delivering joined innovative training programmes.
The project is a consortium of 20 partners from 14 countries and brings together very big companies such as Infineon, Bosch, X-FAB as well world-class R&D hubs such as imec. It is expected to build a common training platform across the EU in the microelectronics sector. This will address an important gap as the EU microelectronics sector is a cluster-driven sector and there was a lack of a common pan-European platform to connect employers and universities and learners across regions.
On November the 20th 2019, in Helsinki, DECISION has presented the results of its study on the emerging technologies impacting the world electronic value, carried out for the European Commission DG CONNECT.
The presentation took place from 12:40 to 13:20 at the speakers corner.
The presentation focused on 3 points:
– A state of play of the world electronics industry, the position of the EU and the perspective up to 2023 by end-user market (automobiles, phones, PCs, etc.)
– What are the main emerging technologies in electronic components and systems? What are the opportunities for the EU?
– The growth opportunities in embedded & professional applications over the coming decade is an opportunity for the EU thanks to its strengths in these domains. Yet, there are five applications with a growing importance in embedded & professional sectors where the EU might suffer from weaknesses : Embedded software, data management & analysis, high-processing capabilities components (More Moore, edge AI, etc.), automotive batteries and to a lesser extent communication networks (5G and IoT networks).
On November the 14th 2019, in the context of In Productronica in Munich, DECISION participated to the trade policy session of Semicon Europa entitled
“Global Trade Disputes: a zero-sum game for all ― is there a way out?”
DECISION presented an overview of the international landscape associated to the first impacts of world trade wars on business growth and innovation.
The presentation took place from 15:45 to 17:00.
The Observatory of the Digital Trust and Cybersecurity in France (2019 edition), made by DECISION, has been released in June 2019


The “Strategic Contract of the French Electronics Industry 2018-2022”, which was signed by Bruno Le Maire and the entire profession in March 2019, integrates DECISION’s figures on the global electronic value chain.
In the last edition of EFECS, the European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems that took place in Lisbon from 20 to 22 November 2018, DECISION presented the key findings and recommendations of the Study on the Electronics Ecosystem: Overview, Developments and Europe’s Position in the World 2018 (carried out for the EC in 2018)
In the last edition of ELECTRONICA, the World’s leading trade fair conference for electronics that took place in Munich in the 10-13th of November 2018, DECISION presented the Economic Prospects in professional & embedded electronics.
The key findings of the Observatory of the French industrial security sector (2017-2019) have been published following the second conference of the French security industry sector that took place in the CCI of Paris on the 24th September 2018.

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