Leo Saint-Martin

Associate consultant


Léo is in charge of the METIS (Microelectronics Training, Industry and Skills) project since early 2020 on behalf of DECISION. DECISION is in charge of the “study of the European microelectronics industry and skills needs” part, within the project which will run until 2024.

In 2019, Léo has been in charge of the study “Emerging technologies in electronic components and systems (ECS) – Opportunities ahead” (SMART 2018/0005), carried out for the European Commission DG CONNECT. This study consisted in a roadmap of the emerging technologies (high performance computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc.) across the electronic industry, estimating their potential economic impacts over the coming decade and including policy recommendations regarding the technologies to support.

In 2018, Léo was involved in the study “The Electronics Ecosystem: Overview, Developments and Europe’s position in the World” (SMART 2016/0007), also carried out for the European Commission DG CONNECT where is was particularly in charge of the study of the automotive electronics sector.

Léo has also been in charge of several projects and studies for industrial associations, industrials and consulting firms on topics related to the electronics industry since 2017.

Léo is in particular in charge of the study of the automotive electronics industry and its driving innovations: electrification of powertrains, ADAS, infotainment, etc.

Léo has finally played an active role in the studies carried out by DECISION on the Security Industries (including Electronics Security Systems) for the French Security Industry (regrouping the Ministries of Economy, the Ministry of Home Affairs, industry associations, etc.). For instance, he has been in charge of the creation and development of a database regrouping more than 5,000 companies and research centers of the French Security industry (company name, nationality, number of employees, activity segment, turnover, geolocalisation, etc.).

Before joining DECISION Etudes & Conseil, Léo has conducted a number of theoretical and empirical research projects in economics and statistics focusing on local and international development issues.

Léo holds a master’s degree in International Economics and Development from Paris-Dauphine University and a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Law from Paris Ouest Nanterre-La Défense University.